Taylor Bronwyn Estep Phillips, '17

“I began my college career at UNG in the fall of 2011 when it was still North Georgia College and State University and the student body was less than 5,000 students. As I was preparing to begin a new chapter of my life, I started going by the name Bronwyn. I had always loved my middle name and the transition into a new stage of life seemed like the best time to make the switch.

I started school with the intent to become an investigator either with the GBI or the CIA with a major in International Affairs or Criminal Justice, but after a year and a half of working my way into the more difficult courses, I began to realize that I was not enjoying politics and law as much as I had hoped. I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year taking easier core classes and soul searching about what I wanted to do with my life. I have always loved animals and I was strongly interested in opening a rescue facility, but I had no interest in obtaining a business degree, which I knew would be at tremendous benefit.

In the fall of 2013 I began classes with the biology program at UNG. I now wanted to open a rescue and rehabilitation facility for all animals, in addition to a people outreach. It would be a place where people and animals could come together to learn, heal, and grow, and I would support this facility with a vet practice. I still had no interest in learning the business side of things, but I knew that was a vital factor for running a successful vet practice, so I began praying the Lord would send me a business partner, preferably in the form of a husband. Due to my delay in graduation, the Lord sent my business partner husband into my life just a couple of years later! I met CJ Phillips (UNG graduate of 2018) in a musical theater class through mutual friends and though we were only acquaintances for the first two years, once we started getting to know one another, it was not long before we began planning our wedding.

I graduated from UNG in May of 2017 and decided to take a gap year. During this time, I worked for a local organization called Rainbow Children’s Home, which is a group home for teenage girls in the community, while also working on my applications for vet school. I was accepted to Lincoln Memorial University, a small, new private vet school in the north east corner of Tennessee sitting on the border of Kentucky and Virginia. I am absolutely in love with this program and I am so grateful that the Lord sent me here with my life partner and our three dog furbabies.

I loved the environment and the program opportunities that UNG offered to me. Especially once I began my studies in the biology department, with some chemistry thrown in, I developed the most amazing mentor relationships with my professors and absolutely fell in love with the program! I greatly appreciate my experiences at UNG and I truly feel like my undergrad education prepared me well to pursue my career goals!”

Rachel PowellComment