Rajpal Sagoo, '16

Rajpal Sagoo and friend

Rajpal Sagoo and friend

Rajpal Sagoo is a 2016 graduate from UNG’s Biology program. Having been heavily involved in college to include serving as Student Government Association’s President and being a brother of Pi Kappa Phi, Sagoo was awarded the Dean Hyams Outstanding Leader Award, an award given to a senior who has gone above and beyond the normal call of service within Student Life and Involvement. During his Junior Year, Sagoo started experimenting in the realm of businesses. Through his fascination, he created a few start-up companies in college with friends. Sagoo's interest eventually led him to create MDD Holdings, Inc, a small business investment and consulting firm where he has been president for the past 3 years. Overseeing this firm, Sagoo has been able to help many individuals gather the resources they need to start their dreams of entrepreneurship. While his business has no geographic bounds, Sagoo is set on increasing economic growth in Dahlonega to provide more opportunities to new graduates and locals. Outside of business, Sagoo serves in the Army Reserve as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Warfare Specialist. In the community, he is a Master Mason and gives his time as a Merit Badge Counselor with the Boy Scouts.

How did UNG benefit you in your career?

Unlike other schools, UNG is a close knit family. Through my involvement, I was able to network with both students and faculty across campus and build a rapport with them. It is through this relationship, that I am able to seek advice, guidance, and insight for my business goals. A common theme in the classes and groups I surrounded myself with was leadership and critical thinking, which has allowed me to help my clients achieve lofty goals that are outside of the norm.

How do you stay involved as an alumnus?

Having stayed in Dahlonega, I still stay pretty connected to the college community. With a few of the businesses that our firm has in the area, we engage students frequently for insight and employment for them and for our clients. Outside of that, I serve as the Secretary for the Alumni Board for Pi Kappa Phi at UNG and hope to serve on other boards in the near future.

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