Association Name:  The name of the Association is the University of North Georgia (UNG) Alumni Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Association” or “UNGAA”).

Association Mission:  The Association promotes the mission of UNG by effectively engaging alumni, encouraging financial support, and serving as a conduit of communication between alumni and the University.

Association Objectives:

  • Serving as a voice for the University to alumni and from alumni to the University

  • Fostering support for the university by encouraging alumni to offer their time, talent, and treasure

  • Promoting alumni engagement with the University and with fellow alumni

  • Preserving the heritage and traditions of the University

  • Supporting the preservation of the University as a Senior Military College

Board Composition:  The Association is governed by a Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) that consists of not less than 15 and no more than 21 members, of which four are officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). 

Board Purpose: The purpose of the Board is to ensure fulfillment of the Association mission and objectives by approving, disapproving, or initiating relevant policies and programs.

Board Committees:  The following are standing committees:

  • Executive – Oversees the activities of all committees and the Association

  • Governance – Ensures fulfillment of legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities of the Association; recruits and nominates Board members, and monitors Board activities

  • Membership/Communications – Develops strategies for recruiting new alumni members and retaining existing alumni members, and develops the strategic communications and marketing plan to generate support among alumni

  • Awards – Develops the selection procedures and review nominations for Association awards and scholarships

  • Finance/Affinity – Formulates financial policies and reviews operations and activities on a periodic basis.

  • Events/Greeks – Designs events to draw the greatest number of alumni back to campus with the goal of increasing engagement in the Association and UNG.

Board Member Expectations:

  • Be an active, dues paying member of the Association.

  • Serve on the Board for two consecutive years with an option to serve an additional two consecutive years.  Annual term of service is 1 July – 30 June.

  • Dedicate the time and energy necessary for the success of the Association – serving on the Board includes more than attending scheduled Board meetings.

  • Attend no less than five of the eight Board meetings during the two-year term, prepare for agenda items and issues, and study supporting material. If unable to attend a Board meeting, submit in advance a written response related to action items on the agenda.

  • Participate in Board activities and discussions by voicing opinions, displaying leadership, thinking strategically and creatively, and respecting the opinions of other Board members.  Offer ideas to make the Board and the Association more meaningful to the alumni and the UNG.

  • Participate as an active member of one of the UNGAA committees.

  • Provide timely responses to Association requests and notices.

  • Possess a thorough understanding of the UNG mission and the Association’s mission, objectives, programs and services, including a working knowledge of the Association’s By-laws and policies.

  • Remain knowledgeable about UNG and the Office of Alumni Relations by reading relevant e-mails, periodically visiting the UNGAA website, and reading UNGAA literature.

  • Serve as an alumni ambassador by raising the visibility of the Association and its programs and services, and by advocating for the UNG.  This will involve talking with prospective students, meeting with other alumni, attending local chapter events, speaking at local civic groups, and other similar activities.

  • Participate in Association events at the UNG campuses and in the local geographic area of residence. 

  • Attend the annual Alumni Awards Luncheon during the UNG Alumni Weekend each April and respective class reunion events.

  • Serve as a resource to the Office of Alumni Relations in identifying alumni event volunteers, regional contacts, and other alumni volunteers based on current needs/priorities.

  • Make an annual gift to the UNG Foundation above the annual alumni dues amount.

  • Identify and/or nominate alumni who should be candidates for Board membership.

  • Identify and/or nominate worthy individuals for annual alumni award recognition.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of Board deliberations when they involve matters of a sensitive nature, personal giving, or other similar subject.

  • Support diversity and inclusion.

  • Receive no compensation for service or travel associated with Board duties. (NOTE: Travel expenses are deductible in accordance with IRS rules)

  • Complete a one-half day UNG orientation provided by the Office of Alumni Relations within three months of becoming a Board member.

Board Membership Nominations: 

  • Nomination Forms –

    • Nominations for Board membership may be submitted by an existing Board member, an ex-officio member of the Association, an active member of the Association, or by oneself.  Either online or written nominations are acceptable using the format at the Enclosure.

    • For online nominations, utilize the online Nomination Form and follow the instructions for completion and submission of the nomination form no later than 15 January for Board membership commencing on 1 July of that year.

    • For written nominations, complete the nomination form in pen and submit it to the Office of Alumni Relations no later than 15 January for Board membership commencing on 1 July of that year.

  • Nomination Timeline –

    • NLT 15 July – Publicize the nomination process in UNG and alumni media

    • NLT 15 October – Nomination period opens for Board membership commencing the following 1 July

    • NLT 15 January – Nomination period ends.  All nomination forms received by the Office of Alumni Relations for Board membership commencing 1 July of that year

    • 15 January to Feb Association Meeting – Office of Alumni Relations processes the nomination forms (ensures completeness of forms)

    • February Association Meeting – Office of Alumni Relations provides nomination forms to the Governance Committee

    • February Association Meeting to 31 March – Governance Committee reviews nomination forms, conducts phone interviews with nominees, and develops recommendations for Board membership commencing 1 July.

    • NLT 1 April – Nominations and recommendations for Board membership on 1 July provided to the Executive Committee

    • NLT 15 April – Executive Committee comments provided to Governance Committee

    • April Annual Association Meeting – Governance Committee provides recommendations for Board membership commencing on 1 July to the Board for approval

    • 1 July – Newly elected Board members commence service on the Board


  1. Use the Nomination Form for submitting nominations.

  2. Deadline for submission of nominations to the Office of Alumni Relations is January 15 for Board membership commencing on July 1 of that year.

  3. Printed and mailed nomination forms are welcome, but need to be received by the Office of Alumni Relations no later than the end of business January 15. Please use ink.

 Questions:  For questions, please contact Office of Alumni Relations (Wendi Huguley) @ (706) 864-1545 or