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Current Spotlight: Avery Bailey Bussey, ’15

Avery Bailey Bussey, ‘15

Avery Bailey Bussey, ‘15

I came to UNG as a freshman in 2011 and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood & Special Education in 2015. During my years as a student I took part in various on-campus activities. I became a leader in Campus Outreach student ministries and joined Phi Mu, later becoming a member of their executive board. After leaving UNG I’ve been working as a Special Education teacher for an NGO called, “Ekisa Ministries” in Jinja, Uganda.

UNG provided me with an exceptional college experience because it allowed me the opportunity to grow holistically. Along with the incredible academic and real-life teaching experience, the University also provided me with endless opportunities for personal development through on-campus leadership and empowering student organizations. I really believe my years at UNG provided me with the practical tools I needed to take a step towards fulfilling my dream of teaching abroad.

Because I live half way across the world, I do not get to visit UNG as often as I would like. However, I have managed to come to on-campus events while state side and still show my support by staying in contact with the life-long friends made during my time at UNG. I’ve also been able to personally share my work experience abroad with current Phi Mu members who have since been actively involved in supporting Ekisa.

In 2016, I took a job as a Special Education Teacher at Ekisa Ministries in Jinja, Uganda. Ekisa is a non-profit organization that exists to change the stigma towards disabilities and empower families to care for their children with special needs. I teach 9 amazing children – each with their own unique way of learning and communicating with the world. The needs I work with range from Autism and Hydrocephalus, to Cerebral Palsy. I am honored to take part in this work with what I believe to be one of the most incredible populations of kids in the world. I am grateful towards the professors, the mentor teachers, and the entire staff of UNG for pouring into me during my college days and preparing me to bring empowering education and support to the children in my classroom today.

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