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Shared Interest Groups at the University of North Georgia are communities of alumni that share a common affinity or bond based on shared experience, identity, background, academic affiliation, profession or other UNG-related interest.

Shared Interest Groups are formed in one of two ways:

  1. An individual UNG alumnus or group of alumni indicate an interest and take the initiative; or

  2. Based upon perceptions of common bonds expressed by alumni, the Office of Alumni Relations initiates discussions and recruits alumni leadership.

Active Shared Interest Groups:


Women of Ung

Women of UNG serve to engage, empower and enrich the women of the University of North Georgia - whether you are an alumna, current student, or friend of UNG.


North Georgia Corps of Cadets Association (ngcCa)

The North Georgia Corps of Cadets Association (NGCCA) promotes the traditions, ideals and interests of the UNG Corps of Cadets and the contributions of Corps of Cadets alumni.


Institute for environmental and spatial analysis (iesa)

Be a part of this group of alumni who offer valuable insight on industry expectations, mentor current students, and create synergy about the disciplines related to environmental and spatial analysis - locally, regionally, nationally, & globally.


Accountants of north georgia

Accountants of North Georgia is dedicated to supporting current and up-and-coming accounting professionals from the University of North Georgia.


Cottrell mba alumni

The Cottrell MBA Alumni Group supports the interests and welfare of the University of North Georgia, its Foundation, its Alumni Association, and the Mike Cottrell College of Business.


Next Level LPA (LATINO professional association)

Next Level LPA (Latino Professional Association) focuses on creating opportunities for professional growth, personal promotion, and networking to ensure UNG alumni continue to accomplish the next level in their professional careers as a united community of individuals with shared backgrounds and dreams. The group is open to all alumni and focuses on the challenges Latino alumni face today as they pursue a higher education and position themselves in the workplace.


If you have an idea for a Shared Interest Group, or questions regarding the SIG Program, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving at